Sandspur Maiden Voyage on High Seas     “Rowen”                    
After losing our Bailey in early 2009 at age 13, we decided to wait a while before getting another Golden.  I felt this time was needed to “honor” his time with our family and to allow us the time to grieve the loss of a truly great dog. 

It was obvious on many occasions that there was something missing in our home. 
An emptiness shadowed our walks in the park, activities on the lake, and even road trips. 
Later that year, I had begun my search for another Golden companion to liven our household and fill our void.

Rowen was a spunky little puppy, with a drive for anything that moved.  Adventurous and curious, she loved to climb and explore and was always tracking the scent of something in the backyard.  She is attentive, expressive, still spunky, and very well-mannered.  When speaking to Rowen, her head tilts to the left about 45º.  Every word, every time.   
Rowen – after being featured on the Better Mornings
Atlanta show to promote the upcoming release of the
Santa Buddies movie. 

Just chillin’
Golden Retrievers ~ Golden Puppies ~  Atlanta, Georgia