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We are a small, home-based hobby kennel and are active in AKC conformation, obedience, rally and field and anything else that involves our Goldens.  First and foremost, our dogs are our pets and the training and exhibition is a way to enjoy a hobby with our pets and friends.

With breeding, our goal is to produce Goldens who are structurally correct, have sound temperaments, and can excel at whatever they do… whether in competition or as a treasured family companion.  Our breeding dogs will have OFA hip and elbow clearances, yearly CERF eye exams and cardiac clearances.

Behind the Name -

The Banyan tree is known as the “wish-fulfilling tree” in many cultures and is the symbol of wisdom, longevity, strength, stability, growth, renewal, and unity.  Each and every part of this versatile tree has been used or investigated for a wide variety of purposes.

While reading about the symbolic history and versatility of this unique tree, I immediately thought of our dogs, the history of the Golden Retriever, and my vision 
for breeding dogs who possess these same traits and versatility.  
To study a banyan tree
You not only must know
Its main stem in its own soil
But also trace the growth
Of its greatness in the further soil
For then you can know the true nature of its vitality

- Rabindranath Tagore
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About Us
I don’t think there have been but a few months during my life when I didn’t own a dog.  As an only child, my dog was the constant companion - a confidant who was the best keeper of secrets, who lay beside me while reading or doing homework, or merely providing a soft cuddle.  

When our family relocated in 1996 from Memphis to Alpharetta, we purchased a home with a large yard and I was ready to share this space with a long sought-after breed… a Golden Retriever.  Soon after settling into our new home, we welcomed our first Golden, Bailey.

Although we have owned Goldens since 1996, I did not begin to explore the many dog sports available until 2009.  After attending my first conformation event, I was hooked and have since participated in rally, obedience, field, conformation and even lure coursing.  What better way to give back to your dogs by playing “games” specifically designed for them?

Our dogs live in our home with us and, along with our children, are an integral part of our family.  

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